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Five Types Of Casino Bonuses

Popular 5 Types Of Casino Bonuses | Casino Gallery 71I have dealt with the basics of casino bonuses before. It is clear that they are a marketing tool for sites to tickle their players pink and make them feel at home, have fun, win and keep coming back for more! However, this time, I wish to write down a general classification of these, as they do come in quite a few shapes and forms, and so I will list a few most known kinds and detail each one a bit down below.

1) Welcome Bonuses

Probably the most self-explanatory one, a welcome bonus is awarded upon registration / first deposit on a new website. Most of the time, these are what one could call the “business cards” of virtual casinos, in that their bigger purpose is to attract players. Depending on the casino, you could see extras, like further welcoming bonuses or others tied to specific conditions or games.

2) No-Deposit Bonuses

The no-deposit bonuses are practically the easiest ones to claim, due to the fact that they have no strings attached, which means that they can be tapped into and used quite right off the bat. In spite of that, as an (understandable) consequence, they could come in different forms than cash, like game currency that is to be used to get a head start in playing. Thus, do not expect to be able to grab and cash these out… that is ridiculously too easy to be true, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out, because if they were, whoever gave them would face immediate bankruptcy.

3) Non-Cashable Bonuses

Very similar to the above, with the exception that no-deposits can, in a couple cases, represent actual money. If a bonus is non-cashable, it means that there are only meant to hand you a little something to enable you to play more. And if you then win, you would only be able to withdraw the total amount minus the “ghost” bonus, so to say.

4) Cashback Bonuses

Sometimes it makes one feel extra secure having a safety net, right? Well, cling to that thought and direct it towards this fourth type in the list – as that is basically what cashback bonuses are (reason for which they are also known as “insurance bonuses”). If you happen to strike out of luck and be onto a bad, negative streak, this little helper will add a silver lining in the end and return part of the total sum you lost. Nice to know some online casinos care enough to add consolation prizes.

5) Referral Bonuses

Referral systems are not only encountered when we are talking about gambling. They are present in many fields, especially gaming or gaming-related ones. Basically, wherever you can note whom exactly helped you find a certain site, casino, game, etc. and them noting you back, you can make up a reward system that benefits you both. Most commonly, it is a mutual chain that trigger whenever one of the parties make a purchase, completes an achievement or registers, deposits, so on and so forth.